10 tips for rider safety when traveling with pulpit

10 tips for rider safety when traveling with pulpit


We know that when women travel at night, old people need transportation in a new city by themselves, or children are using cab services without adult accompaniment, safety becomes a major concern. There certainly is a need for a cab service provider that riders can book without having to think twice. At Pulpit Mobility, we aspire to be that for you as we put rider safety at the top of our priority list.

Our dedication to providing a reliable and safe taxi service to our customers is something we're really proud of. We have established a variety of features, strict measures, and processes to guarantee the safety of riders. In this article, we’ll give you an overview of our practices to ensure rider safety and what you can do to make sure you’re riding with Pulpit safely.

Security Measures by Pulpit to Ensure Rider Safety

We value our customers, therefore we work hard to ensure that their rides are as safe, comfortable, and pleasant as possible. We want to provide complete passenger protection while riders have a pleasant journey overall. We do so by taking some actions and provide certain features as mentioned below:

1.Strict Driver Screening

Drivers of Pulpit Mobility are chosen carefully, with a strict driver screening test where we carry out a comprehensive background check to verify their driving records. We make sure they have no criminal history and meet our specific eligibility requirements. This helps us weed out the less-than-qualified drivers so that our customers are in safe hands when they utilise our service.

2. Driver Training

Our drivers receive in-depth instruction covering topics including safe driving, compliance with traffic laws, and other road safety essentials. We train them in industry-standard compliance for ride-hailing services and train drivers with dispute resolution, complaint handling, and customer service to better assist their passengers. Our goal is to serve a wide variety of communities, thus we make sure our drivers are sensitive to and accepting of all cultures.

3. In-App Features

Our rider application provides some specific security features aimed at ensuring the protection and security of riders. Here are the features we added to the updated app for rider safety:


    User Verification

    Users must take steps to authenticate their identities before they may use the taxi service, such as providing a phone number or connecting a social network account. This negates any possibilities of fraud or misidentification.

  • Real-time tracking

    Riders can track their ride before the driver arrives and during the ride so they can ensure that they are going in the right direction. You will also know the progress of your ride and estimate when you’ll reach it.

  • Reviews and Rating

    Once the ride is completed, riders can leave a review and rating for the ride. This is to provide a platform to raise any concerns about rider safety or provide feedback for us to improve our services and ensure your satisfaction.

  • Emergency button

    This special feature is to mobilise emergency resources wherever you are in case of any event when your safety feels threatened or you need medical assistance. It can be utilised to get in touch with the appropriate authorities immediately.

4. Secure payments

Security with payments is an equally important part of rider safety as we strive to negate any possibilities of fraud and data leaks. We’ve put advanced security measures in place to prevent hackers from gaining access to sensitive information such as credit card numbers. In addition, we employ PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certified, highly secure payment gateways for all financial transactions.

We take every security measure mentioned above seriously and we aspire to win riders over by the fact that you don’t need to second guess your decision of booking rides with us. Here’s a list of some additional safety tips for riders in conjunction with law enforcement, that may help make every journey safer. This includes everything, from ensuring that you get in the correct car to know where you're going and when to contact for help.

Tip no. 1 Verify the ride

We’ll make sure that your driver is always qualified to give you reliable and comfortable rides. But we strongly recommend verifying the driver details and the car details to make sure you don’t get into the wrong car. This means you’ll have to check to see if the driver details match as given on the app, including their name and identity photo. Verify the number plate and the car model too. If the ride details don’t match, we urge you to not sit in the car and report to us right away.

Tip no. 2 Confirm your destination

If you have verified the ride and are ready to go, make sure that you confirm your destination with your driver. Many times, riders make the mistake of putting in a different address that sounds similar to their destination. It’s better to confirm it beforehand so you’re not reaching a wrong or unfamiliar place altogether. If need be, you can alter the address details on the app.

Tip no. 3: Don’t share private information

We provide an in-app calling and texting system where you don’t need to share your phone number with the driver. In addition to this, we urge you to refrain from giving any personal details to your driver, including your full name and other details. If you face any unusual behaviour where the driver makes you feel uncomfortable by asking questions, please end the ride and report it to us.

Tip no.4 Sit in the Back Seat

If you're travelling solo, the back passenger seat is the best option for rider safety. By using the back passenger seat, you can use either door to exit. Refrain from sitting next to the driver as it only provides you access from one door. Don’t sit right behind the driver if you are alone. Why? Think from the driver’s perspective about it for a moment - What would you feel if a complete stranger got into your car and sat right behind you? So, avoid doing this so you can ensure your driver’s comfort and private space as well.

Tip no. 5: Update the friends/family on your ride details

We allow you to track your journey on the go. It’s a smart idea to let your friends/family know that you’re riding with us for an extra layer of rider safety. You can share trip details and the estimated time of arrival. They can check on you or your ride and stay connected in case you need them to.

Tip no. 6: Wear your seatbelt

We take a lot of measures to ensure that your driver is qualified to give you a safe ride by following traffic rules and not driving rashly. However, in some cases, accidents are unavoidable. In case of such an unfortunate event, we want to make sure that you’re protected. A seat belt is the best way to avoid injuries and stay safe during a car accident, so we request you always buckle up before the vehicle moves.

Tip no. 7: Trust your instincts

If you ever feel unsafe, you should listen to your gut and take appropriate action, such as getting out of the car, ending the ride, or calling the police. At any time you feel you need immediate assistance, you may push the Emergency Button in your app to contact the appropriate authorities too.

Tip no. 8: Don’t make deals with the driver outside the app

We are responsible for your ride as long as the driver is working with us. If you make deals with the driver outside the app, we can no longer track you or provide you with assistance related to the ride. So please avoid making any changes to the ride or dealing with the driver outside the rider app.

Tip no. 9: Be respectful towards your ride

As you’d care for your safety and comfort, understand that other passengers and drivers care about it too. Please avoid any uncomfortable conversations, littering or damaging the taxi, or disrespecting others. Don't put pressure on drivers to take risks or break the law to reach your destination faster, putting your own and their safety at risk.

Tip no. 10: Leave us with ratings and reviews

The app prompts you to provide feedback and ratings for the driver after each ride. We take your feedback very seriously and use it to make our services better for everyone and ensure passenger protection. Please inform us right away of any safety concerns you may have during a ride. We have a dedicated support staff that is available around the clock to help you and bolster rider safety with Pulpit.


Pulpit Mobility is committed to making ride-hailing services more secure and convenient for everyone by placing an elevated priority on safety and enacting safeguards to protect both riders and drivers. The preceding safety tips provide passengers with additional tools for minimizing risk. Together, Pulpit Mobility and its riders can make ride-hailing services a more secure and hassle-free transportation option. If you have any further questions on how we ensure rider safety, reach out to us using our website or give us a call at +91 80520 80501.